Site Glitch – SSL / HTTPS error

Last night some of you may have seen a notice on the site saying that the site was ‘not secure’.
This was correct because the security certificate we have installed had expired and not automatically renewed as it should.
To fix this, I manually renewed the certificate and all is well again.

We use Let’s Encrypt to issue the SSL certificate which is automatically renewed every 3 months.
The HTTPS in the address bar means that all data travelling to and from you and my server is encrypted and cannot be spied upon in transit.
Encrypted data transfer is especially important if you are using public wifi which may be being spied upon.
The valid certificate also allows/adds the green padlock and ‘secure’ notice to the address bar.

lets encrypt logo - Site Glitch - SSL / HTTPS error

There is/was nothing wrong with the site, just the validity of the certificate, so sorry for any stress/problems/confusion.
All is well again.

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