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London’s abandoned underground

6029 - London's abandoned underground

London’s abandoned underground. London has been shaped by its railways, ever since the Metropolitan opened as the world’s first underground line in 1863. As the network grew, old stations, tunnels, entrances, passageways and shafts were left behind Hidden London: Discovering the Forgotten Underground, photographs by Toby Madden and Andy Davies, is published by Yale University […]

Charles Holden’s Tube Stations Mapped

holdentubemedium - Charles Holden's Tube Stations Mapped

Charles Holden’s Tube Stations Mapped BY M@ Click or tap for larger version.Ever seen a brown-brick tube station with large windows? Then you’ve probably clocked the work of Charles Holden. Holden (1875-1960) designed dozens of stations for London Underground, including many of architectural distinction. Source: Charles Holden’s Tube Stations Mapped | Londonist

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